Geary Farm - McDonald PA

about geary farm

We have been a Family-Owned Farm for just a little over 200 years.

1818-Farm was purchased

1820-Barn and House built

This Family Farm was originally a dairy farm until around 1989 when my grandfather retired and sold off all the cattle and equipment. Since that time, the Farm has just served as a family home with no animals or farming of any kind taking place.

33 years later, that brings us to present day, my wife and I are the 8th generation living at Geary Farm. We were married here on the farm August 30th, 2014. For the past 8 years, Jessica and I along with the help of my father and mother have been working to build the farm back into something.

In 2014 we began our farming adventure with a small flock of Chickens which almost immediately Grew to a large flock of a little over 200.

2018- Our daughter was born, Bella Jean

2019- purchased 2 Nigerian goats, Laverne and Shirley. Shortly after, we headed into Livestock purchasing Goats, Cattle, Miniature Horses, Pigs, Donkeys and Livestock Dogs.

We had begun allowing families to schedule appointments to come and visit with the animals right around the time the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Christmas 2019 had Santa Clause masked and 6 feet away from the kids. A small group of us did NOT agree with that and decided to put together our own Santa Photo shoot here at the Farm. What started out as just for a few families, turned into an event for the local and surrounding communities (McDonald, Midway, Bulger, Burgettstown, Houston, Imperial, Oakdale, Bridgeville, Candor, Allegheny County, Washington County, and Weirton WV). We had such a tremendous response from everyone that we decided to continue with it.

We now host events for Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, and Fall. We are always working/thinking on expanding into other things and events for the community.